Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where We Are

This weekend hubby and I had to have a long hard discussion about this process and our feelings toward it. Hubby has been working on a certain certification for work that is requiring him to go out of town frequently (new to us) and study in his free time. This and us working toward our license has caused a lot of pressure on him and, therefore, a lot of stress in our house. I really felt God working on my heart to respect my husband and work to ease the stress level in our home. Unfortunately, the answer to this was to postpone any further work on our license for (hopefully) a short time. I let our agency worker know yesterday. I also let her know that we would be interested in doing respite care! So although it made my heart so sad to know we are now longer away from bringing another child into our home, I am very much at peace with our decision. Through this whole process I have known that God's timing is supreme, His love for us pushes us to fulfill HIS will and not our own. I choose to follow Him, no matter where the road leads, no matter what my flesh tells me. I hope that soon I can update you all with either a respite care story or to say that we are back on the road again!