Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just one of THOSE days

On  positive note we have our fire inspection scheduled. On a negative note, before Monday (the date of the inspection) I need to schedule and an inspection on my heater and hot water heater, from a a/c guy AND a plumber. Are ya kidding me????? So I call the first a/c company  $90 for them to come out and inspect then  I call the first plumbing company $80 for them to come out and inspect. UGH! So not only do I need to find a way to schedule these to things (we all know how these kinds of appts. turn out, all. day. waiting.) before Monday, I also need to come up with close to $200 for these things.
I want to do this so badly but jeezy cow is it really turning up the stress factor. Anybody I have a box of tissues I can borrow?


  1. Just wanted to wish you God's blessings as you are beginning the process of foster care. Love the title of your blog.