Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It Adds Up

Today was our training that we had to reschedule last Friday. It went really well and we made a lot of progress for our classes. I just love our agency lady. Our training feels more like conversation than a teacher/student situation. Here is my concern: we need to get our fire inspection, health inspection, CPR certification and our cats need vaccines. The problem with this is that fire inspection is ~$50 plus I need to buy several smoke alarms and a fire extinguisher, health inspection is ~$50 as well. CPR is ~$40/person and our cats vaccines are going to run us around $70. Now we can definitely provide for our family and tend to have a little extra money after bills, groceries and gas but $250 is a lot to dole out in a paycheck.  I want to be done as soon as possible but I also don't want to cause financial stress on our family. Aside from these things we also need to get a convertible crib and a carseat. Hubby wants to divide the cost up over the next three paychecks but I am so eager. I don't know how to approach this. I don't want to tell our agency lady (what the heck is the proper acronym for this??) that  we have to slow down because of money.  I don't know why but I feel like mentioning money is so taboo. Hmmm... I guess we wait and see. I  am not really into cliches but I was telling hubby tonight that I feel like, "Let go and let God" is oh so appropriate in this situation!
Anyway, our fingerprints and background check are in, as well as our references. Aside from the things mentioned here, all we need is our homestudy and TB test. I am thinking we could be licensed by end of March or beginning of April! 

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